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by on Nov.19, 2004, under The Rest

As noticed, the TB Archive was looking a little out of date.

Editions 134, 135 and 136 are now up, and if someone reminds me, 137 should go up next week once the copyright becomes mine to dismiss.


I like the Project Nomads gag (134), because it’s quite so laboured.
Also in 134, the Alice review is done in my favourite way, where I take some literature and amend it to make it a game review. I think this one is more true to the original text than any other.

The Morrowind review in 135 was done in the style of one of those crappy magazine questionnaires, and was pretty fun to write.

The opener in 136 is probably a much longer version than anything Tony would have let through. I haven’t checked, but there’s a lot of nonsense in there. I always like that – I can’t imagine the final version survived intact. Also, Big Mutha Truckers manages to be quite the rant.

136 also has the Millionaire review – a favourite – in which I get away with barely discussing the game (why would you need to) and have some fun pushing my luck by libelling Kilroy.

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