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by on Nov.18, 2004, under The Rest

Today has been designated Officially the Weirdest, Worst and Most Confusing Day In Ages.

It has involved: one panic attack, approximately fifteen emails to fifteen people all involving disappointment, one instant message telling off (deserved), one phonecall from an angry parent, one phonecall from the nicest parent ever (not my parents, I stress), hours and hours wasted with attempts to write an essay, the realisation that the volume of deadlines and the small space of time in which to complete them were not at all compatible leading toward the first item, hours and hours wasted attempting to release a significant chunk of this time leading to the aforementioned disappointment, a sort of angelic response to what I didn’t realise was a plea for help from a man I don’t know whether to like or not and hence the release of a significant chunk of time, a phonecall from someone incredibly special who saved my brain today, and email from a good friend who made it seem more ok, and the purchase of some new underwear.

My main concern is that this new underwear will not be so suited to the kicking up from the foot over the head game, as it is less uncool than previous bottom coverage. We shall see.

I love that my lecturer reads this blog. And previous vicar. And girl wot I like. And complete strangers from the PCG forum.

Stay tuned people – it can only get weirder from here.

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