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by on Nov.10, 2004, under The Rest

In tribute to the resignation of Senator John Ashcroft, I think it only appropriate that I dig out an old cut-up of the God-fearing man.


He was a strange man to cut up – he already said the kinds of things you might want to edit someone to be saying for comedy effect. For instance, during the original speech (while Clinton was in power), he states an example of the government’s evil as, “taking money and spending it on drug clinics”.

He’s gone, he’s gone, let’s dance and dance and dance. May he be utterly miserable in all his remaining days.

Spectacularly, in his resignation letter he says,

“the objective of securing the safety of Americans from crime and terror has been achieved.”

Well, that must come as quite a relief to all Americans. Not only is The War Against Terrorism won, but also the lesser spoken of War Against Crime! It must be absolutely splendid in America now.

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