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by on Nov.04, 2004, under The Rest

Here’s hoping I’m right, eh?

I’m more confident now than I was when I wrote it. Though that didn’t change anything about my anger and regret at the result. It’s hard to know how much of that can be attributed to my falling asleep on the sofa at about 2.30am, and waking up at 7, back twisted into a circus contortionist’s chiropractic session, only to hear the news that the exit polls were dramatically wrong, and Bush was indeed King of The Americas once more, while realising my muscles in my back were not in a very good mood.

But ignoring the imminent end of the world at the hands of a frothing right-wing madman, here’s a more promising thing.

I’ve begun a new project, most likely taking the form of a book. It exists because a number of reasons all collided at once. One of the more interesting ones is an attempt to channel the astonishingly fast and creative kinetic madness that occurs in my brain when I have an anxiety attack. When these occur (infrequently, thankfully, but I do appear to be in a phase just now), my brain works about four times too fast, and the volume of thoughts and ideas is too great, and I end up exploding in one of a number of interesting ways. Tuesday, by deliberately writing down as many of the thoughts as I could, I found them flowing helpfully, even productively, into an idea that makes a lot of sense. It’s something based upon about ninety other things going on at the moment, and I hope will serve to collect them together in a useful way that will mean they begin to know their place. It should be interesting.

I owe updates to the TB archive and Copyright Watch bits. I also intend, as soon as I find the energy, to upload all my writing that has returned to my (dismissed) copyright, so it can be released into the wild. Encourage me, or better yet, write me a nice simple script into which I can dump the text, so that it magically appears on a section of this blog. That would be cool. Someone must know a way I could do that.

Also, I am happy for an undisclosed reason.

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  • Kim

    But you disclosed your reason. So therefore it can’t be “undisclosed” anymore. Or is it like Cheney’s secret lair…mostly undisclosed?

  • Richard Cobbett

    You don’t really need a script. Just create a new Category in WordPress and use its ability to display short and long posts.

  • Richard Cobbett

    I’d also say that the problem with Bush being re-elected isn’t so much him being there as a person (after all, Kerry was a lousy alternative) but rather the validation of his shit, evil policities over the last few years.

  • Tim R

    Hear hear. Or is that here here? Or hear here? or here hear?

  • Nick Mailer

    Hear hear. You’re suggesting that everyone hear the great man’s words.
    Think “hear [him]! hear [him]!”

  • Tim R

    Thank you Nick, I was pretty sure of that. But then, my boss put out a message to the rest of the organization this week which included the phrases “everyone will have to except the fact…” and “by enlarge”, to the embarrassment of a sadly minimal group of people. It goes to show, you can never be too careful.