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by on Oct.22, 2004, under The Rest

With Bath’s Film Festival, I appear to be attempting some sort of personal record for movie consumption in a single week.

From last Saturday to tomorrow:

The Philidelphia Story (cinema)
The Corporation (cinema)
Hero (cinema)
Le Temps du Loup (DVD)
Before Sunrise (cinema)
Waking Life (DVD)
Waking Life w/ commentary (DVD)
The Big Lebowski (DVD)
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (DVD)
All Quiet On The Western Front (cinema)
A Tale of Two Sisters (cinema)

So, recommendations to feed this habit.

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  • Rob

    I take it you mean “recommend me some top films”? Well, that’s what you’re getting from me, anyway!

    Here is my list that I compiled through great personal effort and cost yadda yadda:

  • John

    Blimey – you’ve seen a lot of films.


  • sian

    If you haven’t seen it already, Dr Strangelove is incredible. In fact, just rent Kunbrick’s back catalogue.

    I too have had an intellectual film night – I had a Bill and Ted marathon before settling down to read Dostoevsky. Man I love being a student…

  • Tim R

    I find Bill and Ted is the *only* way to prepare for Dostoevsky. Apart from Brewster’s Millions, of course.

  • John

    Don’t say “Brewster’s Millions” in the same breath as “Bill & Ted” please.

    I think you meant to add Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or The Breakfast Club.

  • Tim R

    Too true, I aimed for an ironic contrast; I delivered a sordid, tragic mistake. I apologize to you, Ferris Bueller and Molly Ringwald.