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by on Oct.01, 2004, under The Rest

Well I feel absolutely sodding miserable.

I bought scales, to chronicle my weight loss.

And I weigh exactly the bloody same as I did two months ago.

I may as well have sat still and eaten cakes for all the good the last month has done.


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  • MHW

    Well meant advice: rely on waist measurement, instead. Scales can be misleading.

  • always_black

    I thought there was an initial plateau of changelessness before serious weightloss from dieting. I’m almost certain that’s what they were talking about on Fat Nation last night.

  • John

    A month. Man.

    Anyway, Nick points out I probably weighed more than 16 a month ago.

    We shall see.

  • Steve

    Your new scales will almost certainly be calibrated differently to those you weighed yourself on last month.

    Make sure you use the same set each time. I am shown to be a full five pounds heavier on the scales in the Sales Office than on the properly-set ones we have in the lab.

  • Charybdis

    Dieting is a perfect balance between feeling miserable and not noticing results. But since the alternative is an amateur liposuction attempt with a big knife and the vacuum cleaner…

    (heads off to eat one single, solitary grape for dinner)

  • Nick Mailer

    You weighed yourself two months ago, around the time we went to Holland. You started eating sensibly about a month ago. Having seen you at Holland, and more recently, you were more rotund recently. As such, you must have put on quite a bit of weight since Holland – I’m guessing almost half a stone. Which you have now lost. I bet you that when you weigh yourself next week, you shall be pleasantly surprised.

    Finally, as Steve said, the rubbishness of most scales cannot be overestimated. Go weigh yourself on the scales upon which you previously weighed yourself before you become despondent.

  • chris

    The same thing happened to me, as previously mentioned. Don’t allow it to get you down.

    Remember this though: Your diet only _really_ begins when you start to weigh yourself regularly. Learn to love your scales. It doesn’t matter if the calibration is slightly wonky (move your existing set around the bathroom, onto different surfaces, etc. — weigh yourself and see what happens), the important thing is to take a measurement using the same set of scales in the same place at the same time of the day. Fluctuations are kept to a minimum, and you can have more confidence in the results.

  • Victoria

    If you get really accurate ones, you can have fun by finding out how much your poo weighs.

  • Steve


    This, on the BSI-calibrated scales we have at work, I admit to having done.

    3/4kg, ISTR.

  • John

    That’s the best idea ever.

    I bought £29.99 ones, which are transluscent blue with a bubble pattern. Scales are far sexier than I ever knew.

    I’m using them in the manners prescribed by so many. Thanks for advice.