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by on Sep.02, 2004, under The Rest

It was fortunate that nothing whatsoever happened on Wednesday, meaning that I’m no longer a day behind.

So Tuesday and the trip to Uncivilised London. Where… nothing whatsoever happened.

I walked to the train station first thing in the morning, and arrived fifteen minutes early for my train. A train that pulled into the station on time. It was a peak time train from the South West to London, but there were plenty of seats free, and Ross and I were able to sit at the same table. There had been reports on the radio that there was a problem at Paddington so our train might get redirected to Waterloo. But this would be fine, as we were heading towards Oxford Street, and either would do. But it arrived in Paddington, on time, without anything happening along the way.

We made our way uneventfully to Oxford Street tube stop, and then had to find our way to Charlotte Street. Which we found straight away. Waiting in a room in the hotel, being fed pastries and coffee, we were told that the half the streets in the area had just been shut down due to a bomb alert, with the roads leading to the hotel inaccessible. We sat in a small room full of journalists, eating pastries and drinking coffee.

And so on.

It was as if the entire universe had conspired against me from having a single interesting incident to write about.

So instead, here is a picture of what my friend Nick would look like if he were to have been Marx.

beardy weirdy

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