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by on Aug.15, 2004, under The Rest

The Botherer Blog is on holiday for a week.

Moving house is officially a thoroughly miserable experience. Carload after carload of Stuff, day after day, and yet when I walk in the flat, it still looks full. It’s so depressing, so soul-tearingly disheartening, to have shifted out quite so much, to see a place still quite so full.

Still, the heroic Chrissy helped me empty the kitchen today – cupboards are bare. There’s still hideous things to move, like the freezer and an armchair. And yet more to be taken to the dump. And as it says at the top, I’m away for a week.

The week away is a Christian youth festival called Soul Survivor. It’s supposed to be very good, if you’re a teenager. I’m not. So my attendance is really in the form of ‘work’. Although I’m not entirely sure why. Everyone going appears to be a relative of my line manager, so it’s not official work anyway. I was talked into going months back, by the suggestion that I was slightly more necessary than I apparently am. Which leaves me screaming at anyone who comes near (sorry everyone) WHY AM I SPENDING A WEEK SLEEPING IN A TENT WHEN I COULD BE AT HOME, WHICHEVER ONE THAT IS?” I am still not sure about the answer to that question. I hope that it will be revealed in my time there.

However, I do intend to sneak off for an afternoon/evening at some point, in order to do a bit more sneaky moving. It turns out the place is only half hour away, which also brings me back to a familiar question, “WHY AM I SPENDING A WEEK SLEEPING IN A TENT WHEN I COULD BE AT HOME, WHICHEVER ONE THAT IS?” I doubt very much that this answer will be revealed in my time there.

Fortunately, the lovely Sian is coming too. This makes the prospect a little more fun-sounding, as at least there will be someone I know over the age of 20, and under the age of 45. We shall see. Also, I fully intend to meet the person who will eventually become known as Festival Girl. Hopefully also over the age of 20, and under the age of 45. Two decades under 45, ideally.

Of course, while I’m away, if anyone fancies breaking into my flat, cleaning it, and moving the rest of the stuff to Jonty’s, the kitchen window isn’t really locked properly. And if you’re a mean old burglar, who would think to break into my flat and not clean, then not move the rest of my stuff to Jonty’s, then don’t you bother you cheeky scamp. Unless you want to steal some armchairs and a freezer. If you do, could you take the brown armchairs in the lounge, as I don’t want those. And if your arm could be twisted, the fridge instead of the freezer, as we don’t need it. And clean. But don’t steal the hoover.

I don’t want to move house any more.

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