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by on Jul.21, 2004, under The Rest

I nearly wrote some tiresome introspective claptrap tonight.

It was a close call.

But instead, I announce my intention to try and write something here, every day. Just not today. Well, obviously today – this isn’t stapling jelly to a wall, this is writing something here. But I mean, the everydaynessiosity won’t start today.

I’m off to Holland for a few days on Friday, and so it would be churlish to begin such an endevour two days beforehand. It would look rubbish. And this doesn’t need to look any more rubbish.

I am unclear of my motives for this decision. Clearly (to me alone) I’m being inspired by (mimicking) Richard Herring’s daily blog, “Warming Up”. But having discovered his musings only recently, I feel safely ensconced in my own ways to not risk being called a silly copycat. The copying is in his intention for the site – a way of ensuring he writes every day, no matter his mood, health or desire. I think that’s important, as I’ve noticed I’m only writing when I need to, and not just because I want to. This = Bad.

Ooh dear, it’s getting introspective again.

But the confusion about motivation comes with my noticing the dramatic fall in people reading. Obviously that has a lot to do with the infrequency of posts, and the lack of much being said in recent entries. And also because it’s rubbish. Although I’m hoping the latter will not prove an inhibiting factor, as it won’t be changing.

Who knows how long it will last. Perhaps it will prove to be a phase, or fall apart as soon as September rears its ugly youthwork and final year of degree head. Or maybe I’ll forget to post upon returning on Wednesday next week, and feel dejected and give up on the whole idea.

But clearly, whatever, however, and whyever, I write because I want to be read. If I didn’t, I’d write it in Word and never show it to anyone. And I do do that, so clearly that’s not what this is for. Wanting to be read is always a reason for allowing writing to get beyond that stage.

So I say: read me.

Do I want to be read because it boosts my ego? Probably. Do I want to be read because I’m only writing for the sake of entertaining others? Definitely.


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  • Pab

    “Do I want to be read because I’m only writing for the sake of entertaining others? Definitely”

    And you most certainly do. Entertain, that is.