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by on Jul.14, 2004, under The Rest

New They’re Back in the archive.

I quite like this one. The ABBA lyrics in this unedited version had to be cut down for print, as there was no way to fit them onto the page. Also, I love using the phrase, “and had a bit of a cry.”

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  • Tim R

    Fine writing indeed, grr humbug. Perhaps you could have another job as a song lyricist, I believe you have all the necessary qualities.

  • John

    I think you might be confusing me with ABBA.

  • LoveJoy

    I’d prefer ‘..had a bit of a dance.’.

  • Charybdis

    “Simon the Sorcerer had its moments.”
    “Moments. Yeah.”

  • Tim R

    isn’t it annoying that these guys, writing songs in their second language were consistently so much better than most manage in their first? I’m talking about ABBA, not John, by the way, though if John had joined abba, they would have had to have been called jabba, and then george would have got upset… i can’t imagine how messy it could have been.