John Walker's Electronic House

by on Jun.12, 2004, under The Rest

Well, would you look at this.

It’s home.

After a bit of flittering back and forth, this is it. Settled.

If for any reason you bookmark this blog, please chisel this address into your screen, and remove any others. Destroy them. They are lies. We’re here to stay.

I’ve brought across posts from the previous place that I think are worth archiving, apart from the Mitch Benn stuff because that all takes place in the comments, and it’s far too much hassle to cobble that back together. Otherwise, nothing has changed. I’m still really keen to get tips for the trip to France. Don’t forget, for any helpful information, a negligible amount of the gold will be yours.

Oh, and I think people should engage in my newly invented game of Suburban Errorism. Get nonsense signs into your local shop’s window, and send photos. There are enough people reading this now for this to work well. It could be beautiful.

Enormous thanks – the sort of thanks requiring planning permission – to Richard Cobbett for building this for me. He’s a hero. The calender, the links, the layout – all so good. Post rude messages on his blog… sorry, “online journal”.

And post nice comments here, to say how fabulous it is, and to say hello.

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  • steve d

    It is pretty

  • Lewis

    I absolutely think you should link to my blog, as I rule. I’m also nuts.

  • Wilkinson (not *that* one)

    You couldn’t have picked a more distant place in France to aim for, you know that? However, if you’re set upon this course of action, are driving down there, *and* it happens to coincide with the week of July 24th-31st, then you are more then welcome to use my Dad’s holiday cottage for the night, as a kind of halfway house to your destination (my g/f and I will be staying there that week). It’s in a backwoodsy village near the town of Lasse (central France) and about 5 hours from Calais. On a slightly unhelpful note, my uncle’s a Freemason and I’ve asked him where he’s put the treasure, but he said that if he told me he’d have to kill me – or at least seriously wound me, seeing as I was family and all. “I tego arcana Dei!” etc. Oh, and I couldn’t help but note your offer of some small recompense to those who aid you on your quest, but I’m not greedy: you can keep the Grail, I’ll just settle for the original Menorah or something like that. Anyway, good luck regardless! If you have no luck in France, there’s always Nova Scotia.

  • Kim

    I’m tired of helping you move. Just settle down, will you?

  • Tim R

    Stevie D speaks!

  • sian

    ooo…pretty colours…much nicer than the last one. Well done Richard.

    not very sparkly though. I demand glitter!