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by on May.28, 2004, under The Rest

I have a plan.

This summer, I am going to discover the treasure of the Knights Templar.

Now, I’m aware that a lot of people have made this claim before, and others even go so far as to deny that the treasure exists (the wrongfaced fools), but they have all made one mistake: They’ve given it some thought beforehand.

I intend to go in blind and ignorant. For is it not those who don’t deserve things that usually get them? I will deliberately attempt to engineer such circumstances for myself. And I believe that doing this on purpose only further increases my chances, as I throw arrogance into the mix.

Rather than actually doing any research for myself, I’ve managed to combine laziness with arrogance, and emailed the Godfather of adventure games, Charles Cecil. He’s something of an authority on the subject, and has much better things to do than bother with my silly questions. So now I know where to go, most especially here.


I believe that all holiday destinations should be described as “unassailable”.

I really am intending to do this. If I can find a cheap enough way to get to the South of France, and a cheap enough way to stay there, then it will all be go. I suppose I really shouldn’t be worrying about the costs, what with how rich I’ll be on return. But that has the faint hint of planning ahead about it, and I don’t want to let that slip in.

If anyone has any very useful information about the Route des Cathars, Carcasonne and Colliours, especially good places to stay (anything from youth hostels and upwards), please let me know. I will share a small amount of gold with anyone who helps.

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  • PolishBasia

    I have been to Carcasonne. I didn’t find the treasure of the Templar, but I suppose I didn’t really look either.

    I hear one can rent bicycles and tour the countryside – a cheap form of transportation, perhaps?

    (My apologies – that wasn’t very helpful, was it? :) )