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by on May.17, 2004, under The Rest

So this is what the previous post was meant to be about – the being inspired yet uninspired thing.

I have an idea for a radio comedy programme that I think is good, and might work. Problem is, I’ve no one to write it with, and I’ve always figured I’m one half of an effective writing team.

This matches up with my theory about marriage – I figure that I’m one half of a very effective team for surviving life. Trouble is, my teammate seems missing.

So all I’m after is a comedy writing wife. That’s all.

However, I will settle for a comedy writing fake wife, if absolutely necessary. So what I’m looking for is someone who listens to Radio 4 all day long, every day, despite hating most of its output. If you don’t listen to Radio 4 all day long despite hating most of its output, then that probably sounds quite a weird thing to do, and even more weird to expect someone else to do it too. However, if you’re the person whose brain (and potential marital status) I’m looking for, then you’ll entirely understand what I mean. Oh, and you need to want to write comedy too.

My hopes aren’t exactly super-high that anything will come of this appeal. Comedy writing partners are only found by mistake or at an Oxbridge college. The latter is a little unlikely, and I’m bored of waiting for the former, so at least I gave this a go.

Email me if you’re interested.

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