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by on Mar.10, 2004, under The Rest

I’ve just written a feature for PC Format on the lies that have been told about CD sales and the effects of file sharing.

Obviously one of the topical things that I looked into was the advert ran by Pepsi and Apple during the US Superbowl last month. However, it’s apparent that this news hasn’t gone far enough, so here’s an attempt to spread it further.

Pepsi and Apple iTunes Music Store ran a commercial during America’s most watched event, in the most expensive advertising slot money can buy, featuring – and please don’t read this lightly – children who have been charged with illegal file sharing by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), bullied into advertising Pepsi and iTunes, by stating their crimes, and then having them swig the mouth-rotting liquid as they are tricked into whoring Apple’s nasty, DRM infected files.

I have never seen anything so repulsive, so immoral, and so depraved. It is the lowest stoop for all of commericial broadcasting, the most foul advert ever devised.

Watch it here on Quicktime

And here on Media Player

If anyone has a link to the file that isn’t on proprietary software, I’d much appreciate it.

Also, please read this article from The Register that explains exactly what is happening.

These aren’t actors, or winners of some competition – these are the children that the RIAA illegally sued for downloading music, an act which is legal under the US Fair Use law, which can be read here.

I fear that my overwhelming rage about this event will colour people’s perception. That people will assume this is another over-egged rant. Please don’t judge this on my word. Read the Register article, and watch the advert. And never in your life buy a single thing from Pepsi or Apple iTunes again, because this shit must never be allowed by a thinking world.

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