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er… what do you do in the US anyway, JohnW?

by on Oct.18, 2005, under The Rest

Well pharoahe_monche, today I got up at 8, checked my email, went to the local grocery store and bought Stuart Campbell an excellent present, came back to Kim-n-Nick’s, got a call from Lisa, then got the bus, then ‘L’, then walked (first in the wrong direction until I reached the lake) to Simon’s – a bar – where I met Lisa, and we went for lunch at a local coffee place, then went CD shopping down at Belmont, then north to Morse where Lisa lives to get coffee, then to a nice restaurant where we both ate our absolute fill for less than $25, and then we walked to the lake and stood on the pier and watched the full moon be full, before Lisa had to go to work, and I went on the L to Simon’s again, watched the first 2/3 of the 5th NLCS game, then Amy arrived and we had a couple of drinks, then went back to Amy’s apartment and met her cats and saw her incredible oil paintings while she copied my new CDs, and then got the L and bus back to here.

That’s pretty much what I do.

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  • hard but not

    Do you think this is the kind of behaviour we want of our king? Surely he should be hosting jousting matches and picking the best horseman to be his champion and … Oh. and has the current Queen of the great britisles ever used a light switch?? These are the burning questions of monarchy today it seems. And King’s definitely don’t like american football – all the players get paid as much as him (and more) and they have cheerleaders where he has courtiers… jealousy in one so regal is sooo hard to take.

  • admin

    “american football”

    Tsk. Rhode Island might find itself without a duke, soon.

    Baseball, you great fool.

  • KM

    I’m jealous. That’s more than I do in America. And that’s more than I’ve seen those friends in months. That makes me cry.

  • admin

    If you weren’t so silly as to have a grown up job…

    Hurry up and come back here – I bought cookies.

    And it’s Americaland now.

  • pharoahe_monch

    heh. i’m being quoted in JohnW’s blog. i’m so happy :) the life would be better only he got an excellent present for me and not SC. btw, i’m monch, not monche