John Walker's Electronic House

Why, hello there.

You’re very welcome. This is the electronic house of John Walker, co-director and co-editor of Rock, Paper, Shotgun. I’ve been writing about videogames for the last thirteen years, for magazines including PC Gamer, PC Format, EDGE, and about a dozen others, and websites such as Eurogamer, The Escapist, and of course Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Want me to write a thing for you? You should totally email me about that.

This site is just a blog, thoughts and articles that don’t fit anywhere else, angry rants about stupidity like homeopathy and bad queuing, photographs of my cat, and all the rest of that ghastly nonsense that makes up the remaining percentages of the internet that aren’t frightening pictures of bare ladies. As well as, of course, Rum Doings – the world’s most popular podcast.

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