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CW 185

Copyright Watch 185

John Walker thinks he must be holding these graphs upside down.

You will never believe this! The BPI have released their album sales figures for 2005, and wouldn’t you know it, they’ve gone up again! Despite the best attempts of pirates and terrorism and terrorist pirates, their tyrannical masterplans have failed miserably, and 2005 turned out to have the “Best year in history for the artist album”, as stated in the BPI press release.

Oddly, they fail to accompany the annoucement, along with news that the 51st week of the year also marked the highest weekly sales of all time, with an apology for having spent the year lying publicly, and suing children in Britain for downloading music. Presumably with the sixth year in a row of embarrassing record album sales, and this year a massive 48% rise in singles sales (which we were assured had been killed by downloads years ago), they won’t be spending 2006 spreading more money-making bullshit, and threatening the livelihoods of families for their own sickening, foul-stenched wretched greed.

BPI – you are more despicable than it’s possible to describe. That your entire board of directors has not resigned over their horrendous lying and unfair litigation of the last year demonstrates the complete lack of accountability upon which your repulsive organisation so gladly relies. You are horrific. Look at yourselves.

In far better news, NCsoft, publishers of City of Heroes/Villains, have settled the ridiculous case Marvel Entertainment took out against them for the games’ character creating tools. Due to their ability to create Marvel-like heroes, along with every other possible look imaginable, Marvel felt this was preventing them make another ninety trillion dollars a second, and had to put a stop to it. Much like suing Crayola for their crayons’ ability to draw pictures of their IP, the judges laughed at the ludicrous nonsense, and in the end all claims have been settled.

Perhaps it is an optimistic sign of a future of common sense over the maintenance of Intellectual Property, whatever the hell that really is. Come on – just believe it with me for a moment. And then don’t buy any CDs all year.